Black Panther and Shuri in Spiritual Warfare


Friendship. Even though T’Challa spent only a few minutes at a time over the years with the Protoype the warm spirit of the being made the Black Panther consider him a close friend. Unfortunately T’Challa’s friendships were often tested and broken to the point that he trusted no one; the Prototype’s sudden change in behaviour proved T’Challa’s convictions were correct.

“Okoye is Shuri still battling the ghosts on the border?” T’Challa asked via his Black Panther’s mask kimoyo interface.

“Yes and she has contained the fight to one section.”

“Okay whoever released the Prototype from its chamber and reprogrammed it to attack me must have done so to cause a large distraction,” said T’Challa.

“So far no military or civilian assets have been harmed,” said Okoye.

“Keep looking,” said T’Challa.

The Prototype punched the Black Panther on the chin; T’Challa countered with a swift strike to the left arm joint of the attacker; the energized gauntlet on T’Challa’s hand slashed through the cyber organic skin of the chimera-like being. The android face of the creature winced behind the ivory tusks that shielded it. Then the boa constrictor like neck raised the head high off the body so that the creature looked down on T’Challa.

A spear of light formed in the Black Panther’s right hand and he stabbed it at the Prototype but one of the creature’s four golden wings got in the way. Then the creature surprised T’Challa with a capability that not even the scientists and mystics who created it knew about.

The soul-force erupted out of the Prototype and T’Challa felt it down to the very core of his spirit which left him at a standstill. He felt like a spell was cast on him;  he knew that he should move his arms, legs and head from the danger; he told his body what do yet he could not move because of the crushing force that was upon his soul.

The Prototype’s eyes gave off a yellowish shine that signalled its intention to kill him.

Mentally the Black Panther used the kimoyo to access the Vibranium Mound control tower where the battle between him and the Prototype took place. T’Challa ordered the control tower’s computer to detach the cable that T’Challa stood on. T’Challa estimated that the miners had cleared the area since he raised the alarm of a sudden attack.

The cable fell along with T’Challa and he glimpsed the show room where three minutes earlier he was holding a meeting with the Miner Clan leaders.

Having missed T’Challa when it tried to grab him, the Prototype flew off the falling cable and circled around in order to intercept the Black Panther.


“Shuri your brother is in trouble,” said Okoye. “The Prototype has got the upper hand some how.”

“Why doesn’t T’Challa hack it?” asked Shuri.

“He tried but the beast’s spirit pushed him out.”

“I will give T’Challa the benefit of the doubt that he has not lost control of the situation,” said Shuri.

Then she continued her battle with the ancient ghosts of those slain by Wakanda on the border which comprised of the metal crazed Kibugi (ogre), extraterrestrials, humans, the Rakakabe (ogre), the lightening bird Impundulu, tokoloshe (gremlins) and boudas (werehyenas).

The leader of the Mystic Clan aided her and he informed her that the mythical beings were once sent by mystics from other nations.

Shuri used her Membeke gifts of super humans speed, metallic skin, strength, animorphing in conjunction with the Spear of Bashenga.

“Wolof see to the closing of the tear in the border wall spell barrier,” said Shuri to the Mystic Clan leader.


T’Challa blocked out the world and the impending collision with the Prototype; he focused on his spirit and its connection to the previous Black Panthers from over the last ten thousand years. Instantly his spirit was in the presence of the Panther Pavilion then the soul force lost its grip on him.

He regained control of his body movements and he swerved out of the Prototype’s path and he snatched its leg.

T’Challa stabbed a spear of light into the back of the creature; there was a minor explosion and the creature’s soul flicked in intensity.


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